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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

John Seidlitz is an independent educational consultant and the author of Sheltered Instruction Plus: A guide for Texas Teachers of English Learners, Navigating the ELPS: Using the New Standards to Improve Instruction for English Learners, and was a contributing author for The SIOP® Model for Teaching History-Social Studies for English Learners.  He also co-developed the 7 Steps to Developing a Language-Rich Interactive Classroom™ methodology.  Mr. Seidlitz has been a member of the SIOP® National faculty and guest lecturer for the LEP-SSI Initiative for the State of Texas as well as many other regional and national language development conferences.  He is a former social studies and ESL teacher, served as a secondary ESL program coordinator, and was an education specialist at ESC Region 20 in San Antonio, Texas .  In 2009, Mr. Seidlitz founded Seidlitz Education which is dedicated to the mission of Giving Kids the Gift of Academic Language™.

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John Seidlitz
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